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The Burger Register: L.A.’s Twenty-Five Most Notable Burgers

Throw all the raw vegetables, juice bars, and ionized Whole Foods water you want at L.A., it still holds its own as a burger town, as any In-N-Out fanatic will proudly let you know. Even the New York Times recently squashed any East Coast-West Coast “beef” (sorry!) when it highlighted L.A.’s storming of the nouveau burger scene, calling Comme Ça’s creation nothing short of “genius.” Many of today’s best chefs in L.A., from Tim Goodell to Govind Armstrong, have ditched artful plates and the evolution of California cuisine for sloppy, sinful slabs of sirloin, Angus, and rib-eye.

We whipped around the city for a tour of L.A.’s twenty-five most relevant, beloved, and delicious hamburgers. Some are legends, some are spring chickens, but each one has carved out a niche in our burgerland. When you’re done drooling, check out Grub Street’s Burger Registers for New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Boston.

L.A.’s Twenty-Five Most Notable Burgers