Brawling at Burger King; The Paradox of TV Cooking

• Two men fighting at a Chicago-area Burger King started off hitting each other with serving trays, but it quickly progressed to knives. Arrests were made. [Tribune]

• Michael Pollan’s essay about Julia Child for the Times magazine this weekend segues into the paradox that “many Americans are spending considerably more time watching images of cooking on television than they are cooking themselves.” [NYT]

• After “rural districts won concessions that would exempt farms from paying a registration fee,” the House of Representatives passed a law giving the FDA increased power to enforce food safety. [WSJ]

• A woman asks if it’s okay for her to be turned off when a guy chooses a chain restaurant for a first date. Yes, it is. [Smitten/Glamour via Serious Eats]

• Australian scientists fed rats garlic for 30 days and decided that garlic is healthier for your heart when it’s raw, and that garlic breath smells the same for rats and humans, we assume. [Reuters]

• The (at least until now) highly esteemed French dessert wine Sauternes will now be sold to foreign nightclubs in individual test-tube shaped bottles. Producer Château d’Arche is still looking for a U.S. importer. [Decanter]

Brawling at Burger King; The Paradox of TV Cooking