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Boston Goes Neapolitan

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

The specifics of Neapolitan pizzas are “subject to much Talmudic debate,” writes Michael Idov in New York Magazine this week. But there are a few rules that all aspiring Neapolitan pizzas must follow: A twelve-inch round pie, often unsliced; a thin, soft, and chewy crust; bubbles on the rim; simple but quality sauces; a modest amount of mozzarella di bufala; and a few stingy drops of olive oil. Though New York is currently in the midst of a Neapolitan revolution, it’s not the only city turning away from the familiar gloppy sauce and slithering cheese. Boston has a few very good Neapolitan options itself. Click through for a few of the best.

Antico Forno bills itself as “the most traditional Italian pizza restaurant” in Boston. While “most” might be an overstatement, their simply-sauced Neapolitan pie is legit.

• East Boston’s Dough is the city’s most surprising place to find an authentic Italian pizza, but their Neapolitan has just the right amount of mozzarella di buffala.

Gran Gusto is widely considered the most authentically Neapolitan pizzeria in greater Boston, and it’s no wonder: Chef Giuseppe Castellano was born and raised in Naples.

Boston Goes Neapolitan