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Chowhound ‘Plebes"; Food Blog Ethics

• Chowhound is “dominated by blowhards, people who get weird jollies stuffing anything but their cranium, dollar store shoppers who “review” the latest beef jerky and, well, basically drunks.” [The Boston Foodie]

• Do food bloggers have a responsibility to only write good things about restaurants? [Fussy Eater]

• Important life update: Somerville’s Tu y Yo has changed its menu. [LimeyG Bends Yer Lughole]

• Brian Poe’s food at Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake is “delicious and complex”, says blogger who was comped a meal. [FoodieMommy]
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BerryLine is light and refreshing. [Les Gourmands du South End]

Chowhound ‘Plebes"; Food Blog Ethics