Bistro LQ Soft Opens Tonight

Photo: Bistro LQ

Bistro LQ, the new WeHo restaurant from Chef Laurent Quenioux, makes it debut tonight with a soft open that will have to be a BYOB, as the wine is yet to make its requested appearance at the Beverly Blvd. space, according to the owner.

Taking reservations plus “a few walk-ins,” Quenioux will unveil a menu full of strange, semi-classic creations, walls with rotating art, hot herbal drinks, and artisan ales. Morphing prix-fixes, a cheese cart with daily selections, and a sweets menu divided into “Chocolate” and “Fruit” will also be nightly presences.

Chef Quenioux has a long history of cooking in the Southland, serving as one of the first chefs at The Regency Club and starting 7th Street Bistro before moving on to become The Dodgers’ F&B; Director and Executive Chef, and then starting his own Bistro K in Pasadena.

Looking at Bistro LQ’s dishes on their website, it almost looks as though Manny Ramirez tinkered with the plates. Uni tapioca? Earl Grey foie gras? BBQ frogs legs? Avocado mousse with stewed basil seeds in lime plus chocolate ganache with Serranos?

We’re pretty sure Laurent Quenioux knows what he’s doing by now. Still, we’d love to be flies on the wall to see how the guests react tonight.

Bistro LQ Soft Opens Tonight