Bastille Day Dining

Photo: maiptitfleur Flickr

The French Revolution was technically about killing anyone who could spend more than a few bucks on a meal while everyone else went through lean times, but that isn’t stopping L.A.’s finest French eateries from celebrating Bastille Day in decadent opulence. Ooh-la-la. These are this evening’s offers for enjoying Fête Nationale:

Comme Ca - Here’s a chance to sample Myer’s creations with a week-long menu of $7 French small plates and $5 cocktails with French themes.

La Cachette - $80 4-course prix-fixe of the restaurant’s innovative, refined French cuisine

Maison 140 - A DJ will spin French tunes as Club Culinaire of French Cuisine hosts guests who will sip champagne and French wines, gobble Pièce Montée, and nibble cheese and fruit for their $85

Melisse - Melisse celebrates its 10th birthday, along with French independence, with a special 4-course Bastille Day meal for $100, followed through the month by a 10-course dinner on opffer featuring the chef’s favorite dishes at $150.

Rush Street - Rush Street embodies the populist spirit a little more than their Bastille Day competition with ½ price French wines on hand

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Bastille Day Dining