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Andy Husbands’ Signature Dish

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One of the many bummers of last week’s Hell’s Kitchen season premiere was that the audience never got to see the signature dish Tremont 647’s Andy Husbands prepared for Gordon Ramsay. Fortunately, Husbands is blogging about the whole ordeal and he’s revealed the dish’s identity as his BBQ glazed pork tenderloin with bacon corn relish and cheddar grits. Ramsay didn’t like it: “He thought the pork was undercooked, I disagreed, he said he would get sick, I disagreed. Actually it was more cooked than I would serve it at the restaurant…but he gets to be the authority on this show, I bet if I cooked it more and he came to 647 he’d say it was over cooked.” Last week’s cliffhanger found Husbands in the bottom four. Tune in tonight to see if he makes it through. We’ll have the full recap right here tomorrow.

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Andy Husbands’ Signature Dish