Yes, Taxim Is Open For Lunch (and Breakfast) Today Wait, No It’s Not

Update: Never mind! We just heard from the nice folks at Taxim, and they’re thinking maybe tomorrow instead. We’re thinking we will hold off reporting on this until we have DNA evidence of orchid root ice cream in a paying customer’s tummy.

After taunting us for months with the promise of all-day mezethes, this morning at 7 a.m. Taxim opened its doors to anyone in search of a decent cup of strong coffee and some Mediterranean accompaniments (Greek ice cream for breakfast? Crazy flavors like orchid roots, crocus, and mango? Hells yes.) Look for daily chalkboard offerings, plus a fixed menu of small plates and pastries. Today’s opening menu after the jump.

Taxim daytime service menu
Daily Offerings:
Greek ice cream (orchid root, crocus, mango, pistachio)
Breakfast sandwich (fried egg, arugula, halloumi cheese)
Saragli (rolled baklava)

Opening mezethes menu:
Kriyi mezethes (cold small plates)
Rokasalata – baby arugula, red cress, pan-seared halloumi, lemon-mint vinaigrette
Revithia – pureed chickpeas, garlic, lemon, sautéed fresh green chickpeas
Piperies – roasted seasonal peppers with capers, garlic confit, kefalograviera cheese
Melitzanosalata – charcoal-roasted eggplant, tahini, pine nuts
Olives – house-marinated Kalamata, Thracian, Chalcidician olives

Zesti mezethes (hot small plates)

Faki – Greek green lentils, barrel-fermented sheep’s feta, balsamic reduction

Bamies laderes – baby okra, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh coriander, olive oil

Melitzanes tiganites – sautéed baby eggplant, house-made yogurt, garlic, dried mint

Rampopita – ramps, green garlic, fresh dill, goat feta, house-made phyllo

Turlu – oven roasted potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, plum tomatoes, sheep’s feta

Koukia me Kavourma – fresh shelled fava beans, lamb confit, house-made yogurt

Yes, Taxim Is Open For Lunch (and Breakfast) Today Wait, No It’s Not