Top Chef

Dufresne Tries His Hand With Top Chef’s Fave Ingredient

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

The one and only Wylie Dufresne appeared on last night’s Lost-themed episode of Top Chef Masters and, of course, eggs got involved. Early in the game, a commenter on Gawker’s live blog hoped, “maybe Dufresne will totally lose it and start throwing pots around and shit. That’d be cool,” and indeed after all was said and done, the Los Angeles Times took delight in his F-bomb-laden “unraveling,” describing Wylie as an “angry, discombobulated man after the Quickfire Challenge.” We were hoping Marcel, who poached Wylie’s egg idea a couple of seasons back, would return for this episode, but instead we got Ilan Hall, whose bread Wylie once said was too soggy. According to the recap over at Serious Eats, another Top Chef star also made a comeback — Dr Pepper. Just what the sponsor ordered! Of course, now that chefs actually are cooking with Dr Pepper

The Lost Supper