Where Would the Obamas Eat in Boston?

As you almost certainly know by now, Barack and Michelle Obama hit New York City for a date night on Saturday, catching a performance of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone and dining at Blue Hill. Some critics, including Frank Bruni of the New York Times have criticized Blue Hill as a “pat” choice - Blue Hill’s chef, Dan Barber, is obsessed with seasonal, local foods and he even has his own farm upstate. If President and Mrs. Obama continue on their predictable streak, where might they eat were they to visit Boston?

The smart money here is on Craigie On Main. Chef Tony Maws is nationally known for the same sort of sustainable, nose-to-tail cooking as Barber and the restaurant has an excellent cocktail list to tempt the First Lady, who enjoyed the martinis at Blue Hill. The Obamas could also opt for a slightly less-known option, Garden at The Cellar. Like Barber, Will Gilson produces much of the food for his restaurant at an off-site farm, including, as of this fall, pigs! A dark horse: Sportello. Sure, it’s a bit casual for a visiting dignitary, but the Obamas love Italian food (their favorite restaurant in Chicago is Spiaggia) and chowing down at a lunch counter, no matter how upscale, is a good way to look like a populist.

All The President’s Rhubarb [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

[Photo: Garden at the Cellar’s Will Gilson, WBUR/Flickr]


Where Would the Obamas Eat in Boston?