What to Eat at Piccolo Sogno, Summer Edition

The weather being what it is these days, there’s a strong case to be made that the main draw of Piccolo Sogno is its vast and verdant outdoor garden. But the restaurant’s out to fight that notion, actually trying to lure you in with the food: this week marks the introduction of chef Tony Priolo’s summer menu. Priolo’s kitchen tends to skew towards the hearty (short ribs with polenta isn’t exactly food for a heat wave), but the new menu is tethered by some surprisingly seasonal variations on the comfort-food theme: cecina fritta are chickpea-flour fries dusted with parmesan and rosemary, a visually dark spaghetti neri is lightened with shrimp, zucchini, tomatoes, and green chiles, and tortelli di carciofi — thin sheets of pasta filled with baby artichoke and ricotta, served with green onions, english peas, and fresh favas — couldn’t be more summery if it were wearing a speedo. Also worth checking out: the speck e fichi pizza, a crackling wood-fired crust topped with smoked prosciutto, pesto, and sliced figs. Check out the full menu post-jump.

Piccolo Sogno - Summer Menu

Panzanella heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, tropea onions, scallions, torn basil, celery leaves, bread 9.00
Caprese Tipica Di Napoli mozzarella di bufalo from campania, heirloom tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil 13.00
Insalata Di Pesche peaches, baby arugula, lemon oil, laura chenel goat cheese 9.00
Insalata Di Barbabietole green acres farm beets, shaved fennel, imported buffalo ricotta, local greens, citrus infused oil 9.00
Carciofini raw sliced baby artichokes, lemon oil, parmesan shavings and arugula 8.00
Insalata Mista field greens, house vinaigrette, fennel flavored grissini 7.00

Prosciutto E Fichi prosciutto di parma, figs 14.00
Cecina Fritta chick pea flour fries with parmesan 8.00
Carpaccio Di Tonno raw sliced ahi tuna, mediterranean vegetables, crispy capers and lemon oil 11.00
Fiori Di Zucca crispy squash flowers filled with fontina cheese, san marzano tomato puree 9.00
Burrata Con Culatello hand stuffed mozzarella from apuglia, artisan style prosciutto 13.00
Griglia Mista wood grilled calamari, shrimp, octopus, arugula, lemon and caper infused olive oil 14.00
Frittura Di Calamari fried calamari served in a paper artichoke 10.00
Minestrone Contadina local summer vegetables soup with pesto and pasta 7.00

Paste - Appetizer Portions Available
Lasagna Tipica Di Bologna traditional lasagna of bologna with green pasta sheets layered with béchamel and bolognese sauces 15.00
Stracci Di Farro farro flour pasta triangles, asparagus, mushrooms, garlic, truffle oil 14.00
Paccheri Alla Siciliana flat tubular noodles, sicilian eggplant, capers, olives and tomatoes topped with ricotta salata 13.00
Ravioli “Piccolo Sogno” four cheese ravioli, pine nuts, butter, marsala glaze, parmesan curls 14.00
Paglia E Fieno Con Vitello “straw and hay” green and white ribbon noodles, veal ragu 15.00
Spaghetti Neri “Frutti Di Mare” string cut black spaghetti, mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, san marzano tomatoes, red chilies 17.00
Gnocchi Di Spinaci spinach and potato gnocchi, oven dried tomatoes, spinach leaves, herbs, parmesan 14.00
Tortelli Di Carciofi baby artichoke and ricotta filled pasta, green onions, english peas, fava beans 15.00

Margherita tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil 13.00
Bianca Con Rucula mozzarella, arugula, lemon oil, reggiano curls 14.00
Prosciutto tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parma ham 15.00
Funghi Tartufati mozzarella, mushrooms, rosemary, and truffle oil 14.00
Speck E Fichi mozzarella, imported smoked proscuitto, pesto,and figs 14.00

Polletto Alla Griglia flattened wood grilled spring chicken, local rapini, lemon 18.00
Porchetta Alla Romana roman style roasted swan creek farms pork, garlic sautéed local greens 21.00
Salmone Con Pomodorini wood grilled salmon, juliette tomato and mediterranean olive salad, broccolini 22.00
Agnello Al Rosmarino rosemary marinated lamb t-bones, fregola 24.00
Anatra Arrosto slow roasted half duck, fennel sausage, farro polenta 23.00
Rosticciana braised beef short ribs, aromatic vegetables, soft polenta, tuscan kale 23.00
“Sapore” Di Mare assorted shellfish and fish stew, garlic rubbed toast 23.00
Halibut Con Farro roasted alaskan day boat halibut filet, braised leeks, mushrooms, farro 24.00
Pesce Intero “wood fired” whole fish of the day, baked with sicilian sea salt crust, braised fennel, citrus and caper reduction

Olive Miste 5.00
Polenta Con Farro 5.00
Patate Al Rosemarino 6.00
Asparagi Alla Griglia 6.00
Rapini 6.00
Broccolini 6.00
Caponata 6.00
Fregola 6.00

What to Eat at Piccolo Sogno, Summer Edition