What to Eat at Exotic Sushi & Tapas, Now Open in the Financial District

Exotic Sushi and Tapas, they of the epic Craigslist post that asked job applicants to “describe how [they] would push the boundary”, has opened on High Street. The tapas in question are Japanese, like the shrimp martini, a fried roll of shrimp, mushrooms, and microgreens, which comes dipped in salsa. The restaurant is huge with multiple floors and the website indicates that they’re actively courting private functions.

Menu highlights, complete with the fried-mozzarella-heavy Godzilla roll, after the jump.

Sushi Tapas
Blackened Tuna Salad*
Blackened tuna, mixed greens and Exotic Sushi dressing
Unagi Kamayaki*
Spicy tuna wrapped in toasted unagi with shiso
Su Miso Tuna*
Lightly seared tuna with daikon and su miso sauce
Spider Wing
Tempura soft shelled crab in a zesty cream sauce with chives
Tuna Carpaccio*
Thinly sliced big-eye tuna w/ ponza sauce
Shrimp Martini
House favorite - fried roll of shrimp, shitake mushrooms & microgreens in salsa
Tuna Shumai *
Blue-eye tuna w/ uni in yuzu salsa

Exotic Special Makis
Angel *
Crab stick w / spicy aioli wrapped in seared salmon & red tobiko
Fantasy *
Shrimp tempura, asparagus, wrapped in spicy tuna, in spicy balsamic vinaigrette
Jalapeno *
Pepper tuna w/ avocado inside, wrapped in hamachi, with jalapeno salsa & dressing
Spider Way *
Soft shell crab tempura & avocado w / spicy tuna outside in spicy sauce
Godzilla *
Spicy tuna, unagi, mozzarella and avocado, fried then enrobed in Exotic Sauce

Exotic Sushi Signature Cocktails
Lychee Mojito
Bacardi Silver rum, muddled lychees, fresh shiso mint
Aloe Vera
Ciroc premium vodka, aloe juice, white grape juice
Burning Berry
Tanqueray gin, Domain de Canton Ginger, freshly muddled strawberries
Cloudy Bay Sakitini
Premium sake, Domain de Canton Ginger, fresh basil
Crystal Blue
Tanqueray gin, Van Gogh blueberry acai, rum, white grape juice, dotted with fresh blueberries
Classic Pisco Sour
Peruvian Pisco brandy, bitters, egg whites
Eastern Spirit
A Far East inspired tropical fruit martini, imbued with hints of melon
The Exotic One
Spiced rum, pineapple juice, passion fruit puree
Green with Envy
Skyy vodka, green tea matcha, fresh kiwi
Purple Lotus
Tanqueray gin, muddled blueberries, lime & mint leaves
Saffron Manhattan
Knob Creek bourbon, sweets, bitters
A decadent dessert cocktail with shades of almond, vanilla, and espresso, served over ice

Exotic Sushi & Tapas [Official Site]
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What to Eat at Exotic Sushi & Tapas, Now Open in the Financial District