What to Eat at Allston Cafe

Having broken their affilliation with Herrell’s due to concerns over the ice cream chain’s increasingly corporate modus operandi, Herrell’s Alston Cafe has been reborn as simply Allston Cafe. With familiar cafe fare (including its vast selection of vegan and veggie-friendly sandwiches like the Suffle-luf-a-gus and Monkey Love), idiosyncratic prices designed to create nice round numbers when tax is appended, and a full breakfast menu, it seems unlikely to lose any of its following. Check out the complete menu after the jump.

Breakfast Options
Mini Egg one egg on an english muffin with cheese of your choice.
Egg Sandwich 2 eggs on your choice of bagel or bread. cheese of your choice.
Hostile Hang Over Take Over bagel of choice, homefries (on the bagel,) sausage, bacon. your choice of cheese. with tabasco and ketchup
2 Eggs And Toast 2 eggs with cheese or vegetable of your choice. toast of your choosing.
Get Randy 3 eggs with cheese, toast 2 sausage and homefries.
Breakfast Burrito 3 eggs. veggie chile and pepperjack cheese wrapped in a corn tortilla. served with sour cream and salsa.
Short Stack 2 butter milk pancakes
Tall Stack 3 butter milk pancakes.
Fruit blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or banana pancakes
Even Sweeter chocolate chip, peanut butter chip, butterscotch chip or oreo crumble
French Toast 3 pieces made with challah bread. ask for strawberries or bananas. (.50 extra)
Oatmeal homemade oatmeal. seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and cranberries. topped with your choice of brown sugar, honey or maple syrup.
Homefries lightly seasoned.
Meat bacon, sausage or ham.
Fruit Salad made fresh, with cantaloupe, honey dew melon, watermelon and red grapes.
Fruit Yogurt Granola a layered cup of our fruit salad, plain sweetened yogurt and granola.
Bagels, English Muffins, Breads And Wraps Can Be Used For Breakfasts Sandwiches.
Lunch Menu

Monkey Love peanut butter, bananas & strawberries or marshmallow on wheat bread. 4.14
Hawaiian Ham sliced ham, mozzarella, spinach and homemade pineapple-rum-coconut chutney. choice of bread 5.52
Ultimate Tomato & Mozzarella sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and our homemade pesto on tomato asiago foccacia bread 5.24
Hot & Sweet Turkey turkey, jalapeno cheese, spinach, homemade mango salsa on bread of choice. 5.76
Andean Tuna Salad tuna, capers artichoke hearts & roasted red peppers 5.95
Chunky Chicken Salad all white meat chicken with red grapes and real mayonnaise. 5.95
Gobble- Oink- Moo turkey bacon and swiss 6.24
Garlic Roast Beast roast beef, garlic & herb spread, baby spinach, tomatoes. choice of bread. 6.95
Roasted Wrap roast beef, cheddar cheese, spinach, roasted red peppers in grilled wrap 6.95
add bacon (so good) .95
The B-boy roast beef, red peppers, mushrooms, onions & american cheese in grilled wrap 6.95
Veggie Wrap mushrooms, red peppers, cucumbers, baby spinach, tomatoes and hummus on a wrap 6.95
Hum Not So Vegan our famous hum vegan with your choice of turkey, ham or bacon added 6.95

Lunch Menu - Grilled Cheesy Goodness
Grilled Cheese you choose the bread and two cheeses we do the rest 4.14
Tijuana Waitress grilled cheese, bacon, tomatoes and tabasco sauce 4.95
The Taj Of Blt’s bacon, tomato, baby spinach, w/ balsamic glaze. cheese and mayo 4.95
Some Like It Hot your choice of roast beef or turkey on rustic white, with jalapeno cream cheese, tomatoes and red onions 6.95

Vegan Options
Vegan Muffins Fresh Baked Daily 1.85
Bagel With Tofutti Spread 2.19
Vegan Breakfast Sandwich bagel with hummus or tofutti spread and choice of 2 veggies 3.95
vegan fruit & soy yogurt parfait sm 3.52 lg 4.42
Vegan Breakfast Burrito tofettes, vegan chili and salsa 4.95
Vegan Pancakes short 4.62 tall 5.76
blueberry, banana, strawberry and choc. chip. short 5.62 tall 6.67
Vegan French Toast 5.90
Vegan Oatmeal 4.00
Vegan Lunch Fare
Hum Vegan hummus, roasted red peppers, spinach. tomatoes & hot sauce on rosemary onion foccacia 5.95
Veggie Wrap portobello mushrooms, red peppers, cucumbers, baby spinach, tomatoes and hummus on a wrap 6.95
The V-boy philly style tofurkey, red peppers, mushrooms, onions in grilled wrap 7.95
Garlic Tofurkey Roast philly style tofurkey, garlic & herb tofutti, baby spinach, tomatoes. choice of bread. 7.95
Snuffle-luf-a-gus ginger b-ques tofettes w/ hummus, green apple, red peppers, spinach, cucumbers, pea shoots & hot sauce in a wrap and a side of sauce for dipping 6.95
Hot & Sweet Furkey hickory smoked tofurkey, hot sauce, spinach & homemade mango salsa on bread of choice 6.76
Hawaiian Italian italian deli styled tofurkey, spinach and homemade pineapple-rum-coconut chutney. choice of bread 6.52
Straight Up your choice of tofurkey and bread. with baby spinach, tomatoes and onions, veganaise and mustard 6.52
Monkey Love peanut butter, bananas & strawberries on bread of choice 4.14

What to Eat at Allston Cafe