Swank You Very Much: The Empire Room, Jane Hotel, and Hotel Griffou

Hotel Griffou.
Hotel Griffou. Photo: UrbanDaddy

Per a press release, Hospitality Holdings (the company that owns the World Bar, the Carnegie Club, the Campbell Apartment, and other swank venues) has leased 3,500 square feet (a former post office) in the ground floor of the Empire State Building for the Empire Room, described as “a sophisticated cocktail lounge with upscale cocktail selections and first-rate service.” Will this be a tourist/after-work fustercluck when it opens in the fall? Abso-friggin-lutely. But she’s bound to be a stunner, so we’re looking forward to the opening party, at least.

Speaking of high décor, UrbanDaddy scores some details about the eagerly anticipated Hotel Griffou. Described as “an underground version of the Clue mansion,” the place sounds a bit like an upscale version of 675 Bar, given that it consists of six individually themed rooms: “Start in the large, dark, wood bedecked barroom where you can plot out your evening over a couple of old fashioneds. You’ll have your pick of the Library — complete with musty portraits, old books, hunter green everywhere and candlelit wooden tables — or the Dungeon — a small, dimly lit cave of a room with medieval murals and a 14-seat table — if you’re dining or drinking with a few discerning chaps.” There’s also a “pink and red Salon — dotted with unfinished paintings on easels and bench seating” and a “Terrace, with skylights to keep you somewhat connected to the world above.” Public opening: June 15.

Finally, you’ve already gotten an interior tour of the Jane Hotel’s lobby bar, but here’s a look at the drinks list being offered now that it’s open daily from 6 p.m. onward.

D.F 68
Hibiscus Tequila, Lillet Rouge, Orange Liqueur 12

Bourbon, Amaro, honey liqueur 12

The Punjab
Organic Cucumber Vodka, Limoncello, Cucumber 12

Honey Vodka, Strawberry puree, Fresh dill 12

Lady Marmalade
Gin, Orange Liqueur, Marmalade 12

Brown Sugar
Rum, mint, lime, brown sugar 12

Pimm’s Cup
Traditional 12

Champagne and Sparkling
Champagne, Henriot NV France $20/100
Prosecco, Ombra NV Italy $12/60

Riesling, Trullo 2007 Germany $10/40
Chardonnay, Armani 2008 Italy $12/48
Pinot Grigio, Corte Giara 2008 Italy $11/44
Bordeaux Blanc, Chateau Bonnet 2007 France $12/48

Malbec, Navarro Correas 2007 Argentina $11/44
Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagelands 2006 France $12/48
Chianti, Renzo Mazi 2004 Italy $11/44
Pinot Noir, Castle Rock 2008 USA $12/48

Esterelle Côtes de Provence 2008 France $11/44

Champagne and Sparkling by the Bottle
Prosecco, Ombra NV $60
Pommery Brut Rosé $130
Ruinart Blanc de Blanc $170
Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon 2000 $350
Krug Grande Cuvée NV $375

Stella Artois, Belgium $8
Franziskaner Weissbier, Germany $9
Fuller’s London Pride Ale, England $9
Negra Modelo Dark, Mexico $7
Guinness Stout, Ireland $9
Budweiser, USA $6

Swank You Very Much: The Empire Room, Jane Hotel, and Hotel Griffou