The Publican’s Pork Rinds Drive Michael Symon to Distraction

Last night, The Food Network premiered their new show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate. And the best thing Cleveland chef (and this year’s winner of the James Beard Award for Best Chef Great Lakes) Michael Symon has ever eaten? Why, pork rinds from The Publican, of course. Smyth waxes rhapsodic about the piggy delight: “They’re in a big cone of paper, just filled to the top, golden brown, I can see the chillies on the top and the vinegar, and I can’t wait to dig into them. And then you take a bite and you can just feel the flavor of the pork in your mouth, all that texture there, it’s just an absolute magic combination.”

Publican chef de cuisine Brian Huston fills viewers in on how, exactly, these little bits of pork skin become so freaking delicious: first they’re cooked for about two hours, “until they fall apart.” They’re then dehydrated, fried in pork fat until they puff up, and are then coated in the Publican’s special seasoning mix. “It’s one part espelette pepper, two parts malt vinegar powder, to three parts cheddar cheese powder,” Huston says. “It’s our take on spicy Cheetos.” Please try this at home.

Check out the complete video over at Eat Me Daily.

[Photo courtesy rachelleb/Flickr]


The Publican’s Pork Rinds Drive Michael Symon to Distraction