The Other Critics: Working Out the Kinks at RN74

• Meredith Brody visited RN74 to find uneven service and food. When it hits, apparently, it hits, but it seems to miss just as often. [SF Weekly]

• Michael Bauer revisited Walnut Creek stalward Prima, to find it as good as ever, but with slightly inattentive service. Overall he gave it two and a half stars, but the service only got one and a half.

• Paul Reidinger took a stab at the new Fly Bar And Restaurant and found it consistent and good, with quality pizzettas, but he really seems to miss Brick, whose place Fly took in April. Fortunately, they kept the Brick burger. [SFBG]

• L.E. Leone played three soccer games without eating anything, and when the big moment came for her to get a burger at Marin Brewing Company, it was overcooked and dead. Can you just imagine the consternation? [SFBG]

[Photo: Via SanFranAnnie/flickr]


The Other Critics: Working Out the Kinks at RN74