The Other Critics: Tupelo, Tory Row and More

• Devra First has three stars for Tupelo in a qualified rave. It’s a little cramped, sure, but when the food is killing it like this, who really cares? [Globe]

• Cheap Eats investigates the bar menu at Noir. Though the bar is posh, the food, which is hearty enough for a meal, tops out at $13. Tip: for the very best deal, go from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. when everything is half off. [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau bestows three stars on YoMa. It’s been a while since Boston had a good Burmese restaurant and YoMa is a more than worthy successor to Yadanapon. [Phoenix]

• MC Slim JB hits up Scup’s in the Harbor and finds that rarest of treasures, a waterfront restaurant with good, affordable food. [Phoenix]

• Mat Schaffer gives Tory Row a B, based largely on an appreciation for its simplicity and a respect for Matthew Curtis and Chris Lutes. [Herald]


The Other Critics: Tupelo, Tory Row and More