The Other Critics: Tory Row and Ten Tables Falter

• Ouch. Devra First hits Tory Row with one and a half stars. It’s “the Sonsie of Harvard Square”: a place to see and be seen, but lacking in destination-worthy food. [Globe]

• Mat Schaffer has a B- for Ten Tables Cambridge. It’s hit or miss, but when it’s on, it’s on. [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau visits, and enjoys, Esperia Grill. Bonus: an anecdote at the end of the review where he learns about the current cocktail renaissance from MC Slim JB. [Phoenix]

• Speaking of MC Slim, this week he’s at South End Pita, which is finally hitting its stride after a few months of opening pains. [Phoenix]

• The Dig’s Patrick Main ventures to Somerville to visit Eat at Jumbo’s. It’s not amazing, but it’s great to see something besides breakfast in Ball Square. [Dig]

• Cheap Eats heads to Malden to try Habesha. The butter is churned in house and the injera is just right. [Globe]

[Photo: solostinwi/Flickr]


The Other Critics: Tory Row and Ten Tables Falter