Super Hot Dog Introduces Fresh-Fruit Dog to Village Idiots

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Danny Omari has now opened Super Hot Dog next to his MacDouchebag MacDougal Street wrap shop, Rino Ceronte, and not only is the tiny store a sight to behold (it was designed by 1Oak’s Roy Nachum and the floor, walls, and ceiling are covered with a comic strip depicting a superhero hot dog in action), but the menu includes a mind-boggling fresh fruit hot dog with blueberry jam. And you thought Alice Waters was out there with the grass-fed thing! Omari says he’s “reinventing the basic hot dog and taking it to the next level of dining” via healthy toppings and “epicure-style” sauces. The fruit hot dog almost kinda works, though the bread (at least, the whole-wheat variety) is a little thicker than what you want in a hot dog (Omari says he’ll soon be baking his own in-house). Super Hot Dog is currently open till 5 a.m. Thursday through Saturday (and till 2 a.m. other days). Here’s a look inside the space, and at the menu.

Choose Your Bun:
-White bun
-Whole wheat bun

Choose Your Hot Dog
-Beef hot dog (Kosher)
-Veggie hot dog

Have a Beverage
-Small $1.49
-Medium $1.89
-Large $2.19

Bruschetta – Chopped tomatoes, basil leaves and sliced garlic - $3.95
Nacho cheese – tortilla chips, fresh salsa and melted cheddar cheese - $3.95
Grilled vegetables – sliced zucchini, red and green peppers, and red onion - $3.95
Fresh jalapeño – fresh chopped jalapeños, tomatoes and cilantro - $3.95
Fresh fruit – fresh fruit, blueberry jam and chopped green onion - $4.50
Sun-dried tomatoes – sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese and pesto - $4.35
Fried onion rings – crispy onion rings with BBQ sauce - $3.95
Guacamole – fresh zesty guacamole - $4.50
Corn relish – corn, green onion and crispy beef bits - $3.75
Meaty chili – rib-eye chili and crispy corn chips
Plain hot dog - $1.99 (relish or sauerkraut)

French Fries
Regular - $2.49
Spicy - $2.75
Cheese fries - $2.99

Super Hot Dog, 111 MacDougal St., nr. Minetta Ln.; 212-375-0700

Super Hot Dog Introduces Fresh-Fruit Dog to Village Idiots