Sunda For Lunch: Banh Mi and Combo Plates

It’s the topic of seemingly endless food-person chatter that Sunda, the pan-Asian juggernaut from scene-master Billy Dec and chef Rodelio Aglibot, is packing them into the dining room even at 10pm on a Tuesday night in the middle of the Great Recession. So it’s no surprise that the duo are doubling their return with the addition of lunch service, launching this week. From Monday through Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunda opens their kitchen to churn out midday meals that don’t stray far from the tried-and-true construction of the dinner lineup — duck-filled bao, loompya, steak tartare “sushi” — but also dives headfirst into the demands of the lunch-eating downtown crowd with a selection of banh mi-inspired sandwiches (chicken, steak, or [intriguingly] tuna) and an $18 prix fixe “set combo” that includes miso soup or salad, half a sushi roll, and a choice from a selection of kitchen entrees like steamed ginger salmon, char siu bbq pork, or thai omelette. And, of course, as much sushi as your heart desires.

Check out the full menu after the jump.

Lunch Menu, Sunda

edamame - salted 4
organic miso soup 4
- with mushrooms 5
- with oxtails 6
- with crab 8

sunda ocean garden salad: wakame, ponzu, sesame, pear tomatoes 7
warm spinach and mushroom salad: asian mushroom medley, crispy onions, ponzu and olive oil 11
southeastern chop chop chicken: shredded chicken breast, chopped greens , napa, mango, peanut –jalapeño dressing 12
boo-dah’s style
- grilled ahi tuna and pork, chili vinegar, mango, sweet onions 13
- grilled salmon salad, tomato miso dressing, greens, pickled onions 14
- spicy beef salad, glazed ny strip beef, watercress, mint, pineapple, fried onions unagi lime dressing 13

indo corn fritters 8
fresh corn, garlic, coriander with pickled ginger sambal

rock shrimp tempura 12
glazed walnuts and honey aioli

chicken and mushroom siu mai 7
steamed dumplings, hot mustard, sweet soy

steamed bao buns filled with (4)
roasted duck 10
bbq pork belly 9

loompya 8
crispy pork and shrimp egg rolls,
garlic and sweet sauces

includes choice of salad or miso soup, rice and 3
pieces of spicy tuna or cali roll

choose one
shrimp and sea bass curry
green curry, pineapple, peppers, lemongrass

steamed ginger salmon filet
ginger and scallion, oxtail broth, napa cabbage

grilled petite ny steak (8 oz)
korean style with sesame and soy

charsiu bbq pork
honey, miso and palm sugar glaze

thai omelette
shrimp, pork, beans sprouts,
watercress, chili

grilled chicken breast
sweet spicy soy, bok choy, carrots

chicken and pork adobo
garlic, vinegar, chilis and
caramelized onions

chicken katsu curry
panko crusted breast, Japanese curry with
carrots and potatoes

the food buddha’s banh mi
Vietnamese style sandwiches with french bread, spice butter, pickled vegetables and choice of:
grilled chicken breast 12
grilled ny steak 13
seared rare ahi tuna 14

longevity garlic noodles 7
with blue crab 14

nasi goreng fried rice 12
shrimp, pork, shallots, cabbage, fried egg, carrots

ramen lover 12
braised pork belly, poached egg, napa, fish cake, pork miso broth

chicken kurry 12
udon noodles, coconut milk, coriander, tofu, sprouts, lime

beef lo mein 15
ny strip, bok choy, mushrooms, carrots, scallions

pancit canton 14
crispy pork, lap cheong, shrimp, carrots, cabbage, egg noodles

the food buddha’s classic crispy rice pan fried sushi
rice glazed with soy sauce and topped
hand cut spicy tuna and jalepeño 12
seared american kobe beef tartare 14
shrimp tempura , avocado, wasabi 10

(2 pieces sushi/4 piece sashimi)
maguro (tuna) 8/16
albacore 6/12
hotate (scallops) 8/16
ikura (salmon eggs) 4/8
unagi (freshwater) 6/12
smoked salmon 6/12
salmon (sake) 6/12
tako (octopus) 7/14
(superwhite tuna) 6/12
kanpachi (amberjack) 8/16
hamachi (yellowtail) 8/16
suzuki (seabass) 8/16
kani (crab) 8/16
ebi (cooked shrimp) 6/12
tai (red snapper) 7/14
ika (squid) 7/14
hirame (flounder) 6/12

sunda rainbow roll 15
alaskan king crab, tuna, salmon,
super white, asparagus, avocado
wa-machi 15
hamachi, wasabi aioli, wasabi
tobiko, fresh wasabi, scallions, ginger
mushroom lover 12
asian mushrooms, soy paper, warm
truffle vinaigrette, crispy enoki
garden veg roll 10
soy paper, shiitake, cucumber, avocado,
asparagus, spring mix, ponzu
salmon skin deep 10
scottish salmon, salmon skin,
avocado puree, ikura
spicy “tail of two tunas” 14
spicy yellowfin and super white
tuna, pickled jalapeño, fried shallots
scorpion 15
soft shell crab, tempura shrimp,
avocado, asparagus, spicy mayo
firecracker 10
spicy tuna and albacore, crème
cheese, jalapeño, water chestnuts
golden child 12
super white mango crème, avocado,
tempura crumbs, chili
number nine 16
shrimp, unagi, tobiko, asparagus,
tempura flakes, kaiware, unagi sauce
spicy tako 13
octopus, tobiko, scallion,
cucumber, spicy mayo

avocado 7
cucumber 6
shrimp tempura 9
yellowtail scallion 9
california 9
spicy tuna mp


Sunda For Lunch: Banh Mi and Combo Plates