Neighbors vs. Hipsters: Studio B Is Reportedly Closing Again

Photo: Melissa Hom

Williamsburg’s Sound Fix is reopening at a new location, 44 Berry Street, in September, according to an item in Brooklyn Paper that says the same building will get a wine bar, a dance club, and a barbecue restaurant. But things don’t look so good for another area performance venue. After relaunching under new management last February only to get still more flak about its rooftop bar, Studio B is closing by the end of July, according to Brooklyn Vegan. Unsurprisingly, that site’s commenters are split down the middle between those who consider the neighbors “whiny bitches” and those who consider the club owners “total fucking assholes.” Oh, and the one guy who’s looking for a new place to get bathroom hummers. (We never said this was a particularly articulate exchange.) Below, the best from both sides.

Neighbor haters:
“It doesn’t matter what management takes over the place. The whiny neighbors there have made up their mind that they will not tolerate a place where people go to have fun on their block.”

“I know some of the neighbors on that block and they are the worst whiny bitches i’ve ever met. I don’t go to studio B and I don’t live on that block, so I don’t really give a shit.”

“Nah, more like the neighborhood got invaded by whiny little self-important ninnies that thought they were still back in the midwestern suburbs. They couldn’t understand why anyone would want to dance until the wee hours of the morning, so they started crying about it to local politicians.”

“However, what concerns me is the “slippery slope” of bitchy neighbors being able to dictate who can and who can not open a business if they please. I have no doubt that even if this was the best run venue in the world, the neighbors would still try to shut it down.”

Club haters:
“Yeah, clearly the whiny douchebags who patronize Studio B have more rights than the neighbors who have lived there for years. Who wouldn’t want an open air roof deck in their backyard? Only non-fun havers!”

“Studio B always seemed to me to be better suited for a small college town that had just discovererd dance music. Would have made better sense to have a giant parking lot for the suburban dregs that congregate there.”

“I am happy that the young hipsters are having fun getting drunk and dancing and yelling. Just don’t want them doing it in my living room on a Sunday afternoon while I’m trying to relax. I can’t even open my window… Want to be like Ghandi, but starting to feel more like Malcolm X.”

“It probably will be tough for someone to reopen the place thanks to the rocket scientists behind Studio B, but if new ownership takes the extraordinary step of not being total fucking assholes and maybe putting a roof back on the building, I can see it happening.”

“The fact remains that that club sucked, and so did the people who ran it. They got every bit of hassle that they deserved. Nobody in that area of Greenpoint will miss them.”

“So for all that I am sad to see the club go. Can anyone can suggest other places where you can find hot girls with little to no morals?”

Studio B closing. (Really this time?) [Brooklyn Vegan]

Neighbors vs. Hipsters: Studio B Is Reportedly Closing Again