MSF Does Fast Food at ‘McMission Night’

Get ready for the best Mission Street Food since bacon snow. This week features the Moss Room’s Ben Coe, Blake Kutner, and Angela Gong riffing on the classics from the golden arches. Get ready for the “McRib Sandwich” (pork belly and smoky St. Louis rib roulade, cipollinis and ancho cress, $12), “Cactus Fries (with habanero-lime ketchup, $6), and a “Dulce de Leche Sundae” (with hot Mexican fudge and chile-cocoa pepitas, $6). The best part: It’s a benefit for the Campaign for Better Nutrition’s San Francisco Project, which helps kids learn about nutrition. Let’s just hope this guy doesn’t hear about it.


Smoked Tofu McNuggets with Ancho Barbecue Sauce and Tequila-Agave Mustard $6

Cactus Fries with Habanero-Lime Ketchup $6

McShaker Salad with Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon and Jicama $7

Filet o’ Bacalao Fish with Coriander-Cayenne Slaw $10

McRib Sandwich - Pork Belly and Smoky St. Louis Rib Roulade, Cipollinis and Ancho Cress $12

Mac Grande - Shredded Short Rib and Chuck Patty with “Government Cheese” and Spicy Zucchini Relish $12


Dulce de Leche Sundae with Hot Mexican Fudge and Chile-Cocoa Pepitas $6

Granny Smith Apple Pie $4 / with Malted Vanilla $6

Bing Cherry Pie $4 / with Malted Vanilla $6

McMission Cookie Box $5

Photo via DRB62/flickr

MSF Does Fast Food at ‘McMission Night’