Grocery Bistro Chef: Owner Owes My Whole Family

Chef Andre Christopher quit The Grocery Bistro last week, but his parents are parked outside because the restaurant owes his entire family money, the Sun-Times reports. According to Christopher, he is owed $25,000; his brother did graphics and banner work for $20,000; his mother worked as a pastry chef for $5,000; and his father installed equipment for $1,500.

A Google search on owner Marcel Somfelian reveals several similar accusations. User reviews on Citysearch of Somfelian’s now-closed Club Royale claim that “management steals from the draws [sic], someone stole the computers, and best of all they don’t pay the people that work here. If you end up at this place one night you should ask for a manager to bring out a employee that has yet to be paid, instead of paying your bill just pay the poor employee,” and “the partner, Marcel Somfelean, has not paid his staff since the opening and this spot will fortunately no longer be open in the next few days.”

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[Photo of Andre Christopher via The Grocery Bistro/official site]


Grocery Bistro Chef: Owner Owes My Whole Family