Michael Schlow’s Glass is Always Half-Full

Michael Schlow is looking to expand his empire, according to an interview with the chef in Nation’s Restaurant News. As anyone who watched his episode of Top Chef Masters noticed, Schlow is an incurable optimist, so it’s unsurprising that he’s undeterred by the tough economic times (and by the recent shuttering of his own Great Bay). Schlow claims that business is good at Radius and Via Matta and divulges that he’s thinking of opening a third branch of Alta Strada in New York or DC, since the lowered rents and many vacancies in those cities mean “someone’s misfortune may turn out to be fortunate for us.” Oh, and he’s not worried about getting a loan for such an endeavor: “We’re not worried about financing because we have money in the bank. We planned for this.” Well, then! This isn’t the first time Schlow has expressed a belief that the worst is over for restaurants: for everyone’s sake, we hope he’s right.

Chef Michael Schlow Prepares for Growth [Nation’s Restaurant News]

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Michael Schlow’s Glass is Always Half-Full