Mediavore: Viola’s Charge-For-Water Program Backfires

• Viola began charging $1 per glass of tap water that’s filtered and bottled in the kitchen, but after so many customers complained about it, the restaurant switched back to offering free water. [Boston Herald]

• Christian “Hitsch” Albin, executive chef at the Four Seasons in Manhattan, died this weekend just five days after learning he had cancer. [AP]

• Next up on the list of nutritional bad guys: salt. Some doctors are pushing to make the issue front and center, in an effort to reduce hypertension and heart disease rates. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• The man behind the new movie Food, Inc. isn’t out to make everyone a vegan; he’s just trying to give people enough information to make informed choices.[Philadelphia Daily News]


Mediavore: Viola’s Charge-For-Water Program Backfires