Mediavore: The Time Is Right For McCafe

• McDonald’s is confident that now is the right time to be rolling out their McCafe push, even though sales at established coffee chains like Starbucks are suffering. [BizBash Chicago]

• Certain pistachios are being recalled for salmonella contamination. Again. Sigh. [AP/Google]

• Despite being hit hard in last year’s market fall, restaurant stocks are recovering nicely, with several recently tripling (or more) the value of their lowest points. [The Street]

• Lunch trucks are hip and popular, to be sure, but they’re also changing consumers’ expectations of lunch: local, organic, high-quality preparations are becoming the norm. [WSJ]

• Despite his financial troubles stateside, Gordon Ramsay is set to reopen Petrus, his flagship restaurant, in London’s Belgravia neighborhood. According to Ramsay, the reopening marks a new chapter in his brand’s life. [Bloomberg]


Mediavore: The Time Is Right For McCafe