Mediavore: The Summer Food Pantry Rush

• With summer vacation on hand, Chicago food pantries are preparing for an influx of children in need of nourishment. [Tribune]

• North Center’s Ribfest went off on Friday night almost without a hitch, but for Browntrout running out of their product before everyone got a chance to try it. [The Stew]

• …but San Francisco’s Great American Food and Music Festival wasn’t so lucky. The event’s payment system went down, lines were out of control, and untold hordes of guests left without even getting the chance to try the food. Serious Eats (the event’s sponsor) has apologized, and there will be refunds issued. [Serious Eats]

• Resort communities are seeing a massive influx in job-seekers, otherwise overqualified folks who are willing to work as corn-dog fryers and cotton-candy salespeople for the summer. [NYT]

• In an effort to up their products’ popularity, the makers of Vegemite are introducing a new flavor wherein the yeast-based spread is mixed with cream cheese. The name of the new product will be determined through a public contest. [BBC]

• A $25 bump in unemployment payouts coupled with no change in the food stamp income cap has unintentionally pushed many laid-off workers out of the eligibility category for food stamps. [AP]


Mediavore: The Summer Food Pantry Rush