Mediavore: Staying Sober at the Starlight Room

• Harry Denton is among a quiet group of sober alcoholics who still work in the bar and restaurant business. [NY Times]

• A barbecue fire in Martinez torched a car and part of a house, causing $10,000 worth of damage. [CoCo Times]

• Michael Bauer is working on a seafood platter feature, and would like your suggestions. [SF Gate]

• The ads for Burger King’s new “Super Seven Incher” Sandwich aren’t exactly subtle in their fellatio imagery. [Gawker]

• The American Medical Association recently put out a resolution promoting local, sustainable food. [The Atlantic Food Channel]

• Fast-casual restaurants are in an all-out pricing war and some worry that the discounts could spoil profit margins forever. [NYT]


Mediavore: Staying Sober at the Starlight Room