Mediavore: SF Considers Alcohol Fee

• SF supervisors are considering charging a city fee for each bottle of alcohol sold, starting at $.05 for a bottle of beer and going up from there. [SF Examiner]

• Michael Bauer agrees with a Between Meals reader that perfume and cologne can be really irritating in a restaurant, and can disrupt the dining experience, but there’s not a lot most places can do, short of draconian bans. [SF Gate]

• After the city ejected a few vendors from the Alemany farmers’ market, it’s feeling the heat of petitions and protest. People don’t like it when their bread supplier of 14 years is told he’s not welcome anymore. [SF Gate ]

• Small craft brewers and Big Beer are joining forces to fight beer taxes. [Atlantic Food]

• A new test developed by researchers at Purdue could identify tainted food faster than current procedures. [NYT]

• British celebrities, including Terry Gilliam, recently posed nude to raise awareness about the scarcity of bluefin tuna. [Telegraph]

Saveur’s June/July issue was its biggest in history with a 22% rise in ad pages. [Eater NY]


Mediavore: SF Considers Alcohol Fee