Mediavore: San Francisco’s ‘Gross’ Cred

• The so-called “gross-food movement” has roots in San Francisco, like the bacone, created for bacon camp. [Gourmet]

• Local scribe Pim Techamuanvivit, of Chez Pim is endorsing Rachel’s Yogurt and Cottage Cheese. [The Food Section]

• The deadline is approaching for all California restaurants to provide calorie and nutrition information at their own expense. [SF Examiner]

• As California enters another canceled salmon season, feds will release a plan today to protect and renew the Chinook fishery. [AP/SF Gate]

• The FDA is set to impose fees on food companies to fund safety inspections but industry groups warn the fees could lead to conflicts of interest. [WSJ]

• Maine’s topless coffeeshop has burned down. [Boston Herald]


Mediavore: San Francisco’s ‘Gross’ Cred