Mediavore: No Reservations

• Michael Bauer asks around and discovers that a lot of restaurants don’t take reservations because the practice incurs extra costs and can actually reduce the amount of seatings per night in a small restaurant. [SF Gate]

• San Francisco’s Urban Peasant SF focuses on a lot of ancient food preparation techniques, not the least of which is pickles. They make lots and lots of pickles. [SF Chronicle]

• In the face of the economic crunch, some strip clubs are toning down their upscale options, including pricey entrees. [WSJ]

• The House passed a food safety bill that would increase the authority and funding of the FDA. [WSJ]

Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard has inked a deal for her cookbook How to Think, Cook, and Shop Like a Top Chef. [Eat Me Daily]

• Ted Allen and Rocco DiSpirito admit to eating junk food on occasion. [NYDN]


Mediavore: No Reservations