Mediavore: Nighthawks at the Donut Shop

• The Silvercrest Donut Shop keeps it cozy on Bayshore Boulevard. It’s an old-timey 24-hour joint with a bar for good measure. [SF Chronicle]

• Napa Valley restaurant accoutrements are finding their way into the Williams Sonoma catalog. [Between Meals/SF Gate]

• In response to the recession, many Americans are significantly curtailing their meat consumption, becoming, in effect, “flexitarians.” [Gourmet]

• Fruit foraging and trading is on the rise with urban residents. [NYT]

• Norman Brinker, the man who made Bennigan’s and Chili’s household names, has passed away at 78. [NYT]

• Fine wine has long been a good investment, but those considering shelling out should be mindful that this won’t always be the case. [WSJ]


Mediavore: Nighthawks at the Donut Shop