Mediavore: Food Stamps but No Free Meals

• A Berkeley couple took the “food stamp challenge,” eating meals cheaper than a dollar for a week, with the added twist of trying to stay healthy. [East Bay Express]

• Michael Bauer would like to remind you that the Chronicle picks up the tab on meals he reviews. [SF Gate]

• Gotham Books has bought the rights to Grant Achatz’s memoir Life On the Line, slated for publication next fall. [MP: Chicago]

• Over 2,000 specialty food purveyors will exhibit at the Fancy Food Show in New York, which starts this weekend, but most consumers won’t get to taste the products until they hit supermarket shelves. [City Room/NYT]

• India’s security forces are mixing one of the world’s hottest chilli powders into hand grenades. [Reuters]


Mediavore: Food Stamps but No Free Meals