Mediavore: Fire at Rosebud on Rush; Recalled Beef

• There was a fire last night at Rosebud on Rush; the restaurant was exacuated but no one was hurt. [Sun-Times]

• A Chicago meat producer has voluntarily recalled 6,000 pounds of ground beef that were shipped to restaurants and hotels, and which might be tainted with e. coli. [Chicago Breaking News]

• David A. Kessler, former head of the FDA, has spent years cracking why we crave certain foods, and revealing that food companies and chain restaurants specifically engineer their products to make us want them as much as possible. [NYT]

• The current state of global food is in crisis: one in six humans suffers from undernourishment, most are located in developing nations. [FAO]

• Stringent EU produce and livestock guidelines have left open a window for cloned food products, categorizing them as “novel foods” and saying they could be approved if they “do not present a danger for consumers, do not mislead them and are not nutritionally disadvantageous for them.” [AFP]


Mediavore: Fire at Rosebud on Rush; Recalled Beef