Mediavore: Culinary Bootcamp Schools Lady Grillers

• Women learn to cook with fire at Live Fire Boot Camps with Mary Karlin, founder of Sonoma’s Ramekins Culinary School. [CoCo Times]

• Six men have been charged in Marin County with last year’s slaying of Bernal Heights grocer Tong Van Le. [SF Gate]

• Four Seasons’ executive chef died of cancer Saturday in Manhattan. Sad. [SF Gate/ NY Times]

• Humphry Slocombe sure is sassy with its “Fetal Kitten” Warhol wall art and back-talky flavor subtitles. And they have bacon peanut brittle. [Foodhoe’s Foraging]

• Legendary French chef Albert Roux will open his first American restaurant…in Texas. [NYDN]

• A British fake celebrity chef, who claimed to know Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, has been unmasked and is facing jail time. [Sun]


Mediavore: Culinary Bootcamp Schools Lady Grillers