Mediavore: Chickie & Pete’s Guards Their ‘Crabfries’

Chickie’s & Pete’s Cafe trademarked their Crabfries in 2007 and will sue any and all who infringe it. And yes, that includes menus listing ‘Krab Fries’ or ‘Crab Fries’. [Inquirer]

• Grape Nuts are being rebranded as the father figure of the cereal world, but not all the cereal’s fans are pleased with this emphasis on masculinity. [WSJ]

• Barack and Michelle Obama spent two hours dining at Blue Hill in New York on Saturday night. [Yahoo News]

• Pinkberry founder Young Lee’s house looks a little bit like a Pinkberry. [WSJ]

• Papa John’s founder John Schnatter is offering $25,000 to anyone who can find the 1972 Camaro he sold for seed money in 1984. [Gothamist]


Mediavore: Chickie & Pete’s Guards Their ‘Crabfries’