Mediavore: Cheaper Strip Steak at Strip Clubs

• A 2005 ordinance prevents new Chicago elementary schools from having working kitchens, despite the fact that fresh-cooked food is generally healthier and better tasting. [Tribune]

• Chicago won’t be represented at San Francisco’s Great American Food & Music Festival, because Hot Doug’s couldn’t swing the logistics of getting hot dogs for 10,000 people over to the left coast. [SJMercury]

• In the face of the economic crunch, some strip clubs are toning down their upscale options, including pricey entrees. [WSJ]

• Shocker! Ted Allen and Rocco DiSpirito admit to eating junk food on occasion. [NYDN]

• The House passed a food safety bill that would increase the authority and funding of the FDA. [WSJ]


Mediavore: Cheaper Strip Steak at Strip Clubs