Mediavore: Buffett Lunch to Benefit Glide Foundation

• The anonymous winner of a $1,680,300 steak lunch with Warren Buffett will donate his bid to San Francisco’s Glide Foundation, Buffett’s charity of choice. [Bloomberg]

• The California Department of Fish and Game voted to restrict local herring fishing after last year’s run hit a 30-year low. [SF Examiner]

The Examiner thinks it’s bad that Nestle, whose U.S. operation is based in Glendale, Calif., can get away with refusing to disclose inspection reports or to allow federal regulators access to its plants that produce Toll House cookie dough after the dough was recalled last week. [SF Examiner]

• This year’s Fancy Food Show reflects the tough economic times with smaller samples and more inexpensive products. [NYDN]

• There’s no reason that jug wines need to be terrible. [WSJ]

• Summer restaurant jobs are still plentiful, despite the economic situation. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]


Mediavore: Buffett Lunch to Benefit Glide Foundation