Mediavore: Bice Implicated in Fish Fraud

• Bice Restaurant Holdings, which owns Bice in Chicago, has been caught charging diners for high-priced fish and then serving similar, lower-priced versions instead — like subbing in catfish for grouper, or tilapia for red snapper. [Sun-Times]

• Thee Evanston baristas [er, baristos? They’re guys] from the Brothers K Cafe have been selected to compete in a latte art competition in Las Vegas. [Tribune]

• Venezuela has banned Coke Zero, citing the beverage’s possible health risks. [WSJ]

• In an alarming sign for T.G.I. Friday’s, the chain has rolled out five major promotions in 2009 alone. [Salon]

• Poultry was the number one source of food poisoning in 2006. [NYT]


Mediavore: Bice Implicated in Fish Fraud