The Other Critics: Bella Luna to Boston Burger Company

• The Dig’s Daniel Lucas hits up the reopened Bella Luna. It’s back in action! [Dig]

• Devra First visits Tremont 647 and gives it two stars. Even when the food’s inconsistent, you can’t beat the super-fun atmosphere. [Globe]

• Cheap Eats stops by Somerville’s Boston Burger Company. There are still glitches in service, but you can’t argue with great burgers. [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau has three stars for Tory Row. It’s not as good as the other Curtis/Lutes ventures, but it’s pretty solid nonetheless. [Phoenix]

• On The Cheap finds that with a little negotiating, you can get a delicious meal at Halal Indian Cuisine. [Phoenix]

• Mat Schaffer files a nice review/tribute to Aujourd’hui. It’s a rare A from Schaffer who argues that Aujourd’hui’s closing is “the end of an era of fine dining at Boston hotels….Once upon a time, to qualify as a great hotel in Boston, you needed a great restaurant. Now you just need a restaurant. Aujourd’hui remains a great restaurant.” [Herald]


The Other Critics: Bella Luna to Boston Burger Company