Mediavore: BART’s Hefty Lunch Bill

• Top management and staff at BART spent $27,000 on take-out food and catering over the past year, among other expenses at places like the Apple store and REI. [SF Chronicle]

• San Francisco’s Speakeasy brewery has a relatively new head brewer in John Gillooly, who has introduced a new line of seasonal beers, including some extra-strong (8 and 10 percent) varieties, and Rum Runner Rye. [CoCo Times]

• A Paula Deen fan went and got a tattoo of a stick of butter with the words, “butter, y’all” over it. Whoa. [Food Network Humor]

• Speaking of speakeasies, fake ones are popping up all over in “one of the strangest exercises in nostalgia ever to grip the public.” [NYT]

• The Hold Steady appear in a print ad for Top Chef Masters, claiming they’re excited to watch the show on their tour bus. [Pitchfork]


Mediavore: BART’s Hefty Lunch Bill