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Late Night With Scarpetta and Fette Sau

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Yes, Murray Hill drunkard trough Ziggiz is closing earlier (at 10 p.m.), but there’s also some good news in the late-night dining realm. We already told you about the 5 a.m. burger at Spitzer’s Corner, and now it turns out Fette Sau serves $3 late-night pulled-pork sliders. And here’s something truly excellent — according to a release, Scarpetta is (starting next Tuesday) introducing a late-night menu from Tuesday through Friday, 10 p.m. till 1 a.m. Since its bar is such a pleasure to eat at, Scarpetta has always seemed like a place that should be open late-night, and now it will indeed serve “tonno style” crudo (a harkening back to Scott Conant’s old Bar Tonno) as well as half-portions of dinner dishes. In addition to the menu items below, there will be specially selected wines, cheeses, and desserts such as the yogurt semifreddo served with salted fruit.

“tonno style”
kobe beef sashimi 16
raw yellowtail 14
lobster “susci” 16
tuna & avocado “salad” 14
chu-toro ricci di mare 16
mackerel pickled cucumber, salmon roe 14
squid ink shot 5
oyster shot lime, rum & olive oil 3

egg risotto ricci di mare 15
farfalle sweetbreads, kale & pancetta 14
spaghetti tomato & basil 14
mushroom mezzalune “in brodo” 13
black chittara mixed seafood 13
polenta fricasse of truffled mushrooms 10

tripe beans & tomato 10
balsamic-glazed pork spare ribs tomato chutney 10
moist-roasted capretto fingerling potatoes & rapini 15
fried chicken porcini & potato stufato 14
pork belly grain mustard 13
pancetta-wrapped spot prawns 12
vegetables in umido 12
Late Night With Scarpetta and Fette Sau