Last Things First: Lauren Kiino on Il Cane Rosso and Bracina

Il Cane Rosso, the new rotisserie and sandwich shop from Daniel Patterson and Lauren Kiino, is due to open July 13 in the old Mistral Rotisserie space in the Ferry Building. The pair first started working on Bracina, across the bay in Oakland’s Jack London Square in 2008, but that project has hit delays as the Jack London Square development drags. Now, the second project is going to open first with Patterson running the business side and Kiino managing the restaurant (she’ll also run Bracina when it opens in a few months). Kiino, former chef de cuisine at Delfina, met Patterson when she staged at Coi after leaving Delfina on the last day of 2007. We caught her on the phone to talk about the experience of starting not just one but two new restaurants her first time out. She also snuck us a copy of the opening menu.

How did you and Daniel get started on this?
We started working together and it turned out we had a lot of similar ideas about ingredients and the food we serve. We both thought it would be good to do a fun, quick-service restaurant and really highlight some of the ingredients we love working with… I think we’re the only restaurant in the city that’s committed to using only pastured meats… We’ll get to use a lot of the ingredients we have at Coi but in a slightly different way.

What’s happening with Bracina? Is it still opening in Jack London Square?
We’re finishing up the design phase right now and we’re opening up in December. We weren’t really in a big rush to open up Bracina, especially since we had the Cane Rossa project happening as well.

How did Cane Rossa come about? Did you initially want to do another project in San Francisco when you started working on Bracina?
The space became available. It’s not something we were seeking out to do, but it just made a lot of sense to go for it because the opportunity was there.

How concerned are you about being able to oversee two restaurants on opposite sides of the bay your first time at the helm?
Cane Rossa already has a chef in place. Douglas Borkowski (most recently sous chef at Google) is someone I worked with for many years at Delfina. It’s a sandwich shop so I don’t feel like he’s overreaching at all
For me, I’m ready to do this. It’s been my goal for years. And I’ve got Daniel as my business partner and he’s got the experience of owning and opening restaurants.

Photo via Photo via Gary Soup/flickr

Last Things First: Lauren Kiino on Il Cane Rosso and Bracina