Kevin Pang And The Infinite List Of Dick Jokes

Kevin Pang, the Tribune’s Cheeseburger Bureau Chief and master of all foods lowbrow, pens an opus for The Stew about the joys and tribulations of eating Pho Ngau Pin, #50 on the menu at Tank Noodles — pho with bull penis. Of the dish, Pang says “it came steeped in the dark pho broth, a beefy, clovey soup. It was rather gross looking – medallions of gristle and tendon with weird, complex spirals and scattered dark spots, some pieces more translucent than others. Bits of cilantro stuck to the bull’s penis, apropos of nothing.” Jumping over the mental hurdle of, you know, eating penis, Pang finds that it literally lacks flavor, and describes its chewy texture as “like biting into a gumball machine-rubber ball.”

This isn’t Pang’s first experience with the wild world of phallus-eating; when he was in Beijing last year for the Summer Olympics he visited a restaurant where everything on the menu was in some way penile. Thanks to Pang for thoughtfully including the video, which you can find after the jump. [The Stew]

Kevin Eats at the Beijing Penis Restaurant from KevinP1468 on Vimeo.

[Pictured: Not the penis pho at Tank Noodle; rather #47; swanksalot/Flickr]


Kevin Pang And The Infinite List Of Dick Jokes