Keep On Meeting Katie Cavuto, Your Next Food Network Star

Food Network Addict has a 7 question interview with Katie Cavuto, the aspiring Next Food Network Star from Philly. Read it to learn more about why she decided to try for the show, who her idols are, and what her goals are for the future (barring winning the show). She also lays her whole aesthetic and vision out on the table, in response to one of the questions:

The need to have a clearly defined culinary point of view is brought up again and again by the judges. What’s yours and how is it different from what we’ve seen before?
My culinary point of view is what I like to call “green cuisine,” which is all about eating healthy for our bodies and the planet. As a dietitian and chef, I am passionate about helping people achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. I am passionate about the benefits of buying local, seasonal, organic fare and how it impacts our health and carbon footprint. I think my culinary point of view is current, important and not currently represented on the network.

Tune in to watch the Philly contestant when the show premieres at 9 p.m., this Sunday, June 7.

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Keep On Meeting Katie Cavuto, Your Next Food Network Star