Graham Elliot Bowles Talks to Us About Using The Bathroom on Top Chef Masters

Top Chef Masters premiered last week, and while Hubert Keller was rad and all, we couldn’t bring ourselves to care about the show deeply until today. That’s because tonight (8pm! Bravo!) one of the four competing chefs is our very own Graham Elliot Bowles, chef/owner of and eponym for graham elliot. We caught up with the shameless chef on this, the eve of his national television celebrity.

Tonight’s the night! What made you decide to go on Top Chef Masters in the first place?
At first I was worried that I might eff something up and look like a tool bag, but the fact that it was for charity and that I would have the opportunity to cook alongside some amazingly talented chefs made it a no brainer.

You’ll be up tonight against chefs Wylie Dufresne (of New York’s wd-50), Elizabeth Falkner (SF’s Citizen Cake), and Suzanne Tracht (LA’s Jar). Were you familiar with them before competition?
I had no idea as to who I would go against, and was not 100 percent sure as to the other chefs competing until it was made public.

What were the most fun and most difficult parts of filming?
The most fun was meeting and hanging out with the other chefs, doing the photo shoot together, talking shop, etc. The most difficult was having to asked to be un-miked every time you needed to go to the restroom.

What did you get up to off-set?
I’d say hunt for In-n-Out Burgers. [The show filmed in L.A.]

So will you be watching tonight?
I’m sure i’ll be watching, just not sure where and with whom. If anyone knows where they’re showing it let me know and i’ll try to swing by!

No viewing party at the restaurant?
No, you know me… Mr. Humble :)


Graham Elliot Bowles Talks to Us About Using The Bathroom on Top Chef