Good Enough To Eat: Mike Geno’s Food Paintings

Mike Geno and his still life paintings of food are making the rounds today, thanks in part to a fantastic interview with him on Eat Me Daily. Geno, a Philly artist, paints donuts, meat cuts, bread, and regional foods, like pretzels, Tastykakes, and scrapple. Notably absent from his Philly-food tableaus is the cheesesteak, but this is no oversight:

EMD: Scrapple, Tastykakes, and pretzels — you’re obviously influenced by your Philly surroundings — so tell us, where’s the cheese steak?

Mike Geno: Excellent question. It seems inevitable but so far I’ve not been successful in ordering one that holds up for a few hours while I paint it. I always work from life with my food and other still life paintings. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d hold up that long smelling it without eating it. I’ve developed a plan though. I may have to go to a good source, which alone is a Philly debate, and eat one before taking another one home to paint. That may just work.

To get your fill of food art, check out Geno’s website, his food blog, and his Etsy store, where prints of his oil paintings can be had for 20 bucks.

Paintings by Mike Geno [EMD via The Illadelph]

[Image via Mike]


Good Enough To Eat: Mike Geno’s Food Paintings