The Friendly Toast Confirms Multiple Locations

Contrary to rumors circulating on Chowhound, The Friendly Toast is, indeed, a second location of the popular Portsmouth diner. In a thread hotly debating the merits of the Cambridge location, Chowhound terrystu wrote: “There seems to be a popular misconception here that this is “another location” of the FT. To set the record straight, this place was opened by a former FT employee and operates independently of the FT. The owner of the Portsmouth FT is helping as an advisor and consultant, but has no decision-making authority.”

Other Chowhounders quickly expressed disbelief, noting that not only has every article about the Cambridge Friendly Toast referred to it as a second location of the Portsmouth branch, but servers from Portsmouth came to Cambridge to do staff training. Other evidence: The menu is the same for both locations, and the Friendly Toast website refers to a “Cambridge location.” We called the restaurant and spoke to general manager Michael Hartin, who told us that the Friendly Toast Cambridge is absolutely a second location of the Friendly Toast Portsmouth.

The Friendly Toast! [Chowhound]

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The Friendly Toast Confirms Multiple Locations