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For $250, BB Sandwich Bar Will Tell You What Makes Its Cheesesteak So Unappealing

Photo: Melissa Hom

BB Sandwich Bar’s cheesesteak met the ire of Joey Campanero when he picked the city’s best (how many points did he give it? “Across the board: zero, zero, zero. Each aspect is no way near a cheesesteak”), and it placed dead last in Rob Patronite’s and Robin Raisfeld’s cheesesteak rankings. But now that the owner doesn’t have his hands tied up at Shea (he says he couldn’t afford the sponsor fee at the new stadium), he’s offering to give up the recipe for “this unbelievable money-making product.” For just $250, the secret of the hot sauce will be revealed and you’ll learn how to “blow away your patrons” with a poppy-seed Kaiser roll, Spanish onions, and Wisconsin American cheese. Here’s the Craigslist ad.

Chef/Owner of BB Sandwich Bar, creator of the New York City version of the classic Philly Cheesteak will provide you with the secret ingredients, recipe and the method of creating this unbelievable money making product. Now you have the opportunity to serve the “Best Damn Cheesteak, Period … in your restaurant exactly as it was served at Shea Stadium for the New York Mets. Not able to afford the astronomical sponsor fee for Citi Fields, I now have the time and ability to teach you this fabulous product. I will share all the specific details so you too can blow away your patrons. This is the same sandwich that was done on the Sara Molton Show on the Food Network Channel, New York Times, 2004 Zagat Review, Time Out, New York Magazine

Well, to be fair, BB Sandwich Bar is still standing while 99 Miles to Philly (per Midtown Lunch) has closed its midtown location (its East Village location remains open). Still, this has to be the best damn Craigslist ad, period.

“Best Damn Cheese Steak, Period… on your restaurant menu - $250 (5 Borough, NJ, Conn.) [Craigslist]

For $250, BB Sandwich Bar Will Tell You What Makes Its Cheesesteak So