First Look: Inside Sel de Mer, and Its Menu

This week the magazine reports on the opening of the new Williamsburg seafood restaurant Sel de Mer. Chef-owner Jeff Slagg, in the penny-pinching spirit of the day, completely renovated the former Najeeb’s space himself and even built a new bar. Until the beer-and-wine license arrives, however, housemade watermelon-mint juice will have to do. Check out the menu and a slideshow.


Fried green tomatoes, almond panko batter, frisee, Brie and lemon, saffron butter aioli-8

Smoked trout salad with apple, pear, and blood orange, arugula-8

Heart of Iceberg, blue cheese and raddish-6


Mussels mariner, garlic, shallots, celery white wine-12

Mussels Roquefort, blue cheese, cream, baby bib lettuce, white wine and pancetta-14

Mussels deviled, chorizo, poblano peppers, and sweet tomato basil sauce-14

Steamers and clams, served with drawn butter, and lemon -15


T-bone, roasted garlic haricots verts, mashed potatoes w/ sour cream and bacon-25

Burger, red wine onions, smoked Gouda, pancetta, house pickles, fries, w/ cherry tomato romaine salad -12

Fish cake sliders w/slaw-12

Fish and chips, beer battered-15

Whole Fish market availability, grilled, fried or roasted


Mixed greens salad, with onions and balsamic dressing-6

Mashed potatoes-5

Grilled Corn-4

Cole slaw-5


Oysters of the day, pickled watermelon mignonette-9 for ½dz

Cured meats- 3 for each selection

Cheeses-4 for each selection

Fruit- 3 for each selection

Olives mixed-4

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First Look: Inside Sel de Mer, and Its Menu